There are TONS of ways to get involved with Habitat!!

DONATE to the Fund for Humanity


Without generous donations made by people like you, Habitat could not carry out its mission of providing affordable housing to families that need it. All donations made the Fund for Humanity go directly towards the costs for building a home.

Donate USED GOODS to our Stores


We have 2 locations where you can donate items for ReSell. 

  • Our Gateway Drive location is where you'll want to take your large donations. We accept furniture, appliances, light fixtures, cabinets, and  just about anything related to your home! Our address is 509 Gateway Drive in Powell. We are open Monday- Friday: 9am - 5:30 pm. Saturdays from 9 am - 4 pm. Closed on Sundays 
  • Our Shop on Bent is a lovely thrift store where you will find clothing, kitchen ware, toys, and other smaller home goods. Our address is 265 Bent Street in Powell. We are open Monday- Friday: 10am - 5:30 pm. Saturdays from 9 am - 4 pm. Closed on Sundays 

Volunteer to help BUILD A HOME


Habitat Homes are built by volunteers! We rely on community members who are willing to share their time in support of continued construction of homes for low income families in Park County. People of all skill level are welcome to volunteer their time on a Habitat build! If you have a group thats interested in participating in a build day, please don't hesitate to give us a call and we can get you set up! (307) 254-7004

                 ask for Nikki!

but wait! There's more!!

Volunteer in other Ways


  Opportunities to volunteer with the organization are abundant!  We work diligently to match each volunteer with a service opportunity that fits their 

skills, schedule and interests.

Additional Volunteers are welcome year-round in a variety of roles including:

1.  Ambassador Opportunities:  MSHFH is recruiting volunteers to serve as Ambassadors within Park County.  There are several ways to represent the affiliate in this capacity.  

  • Out-and-About:  
    • Deliver House Savings Boxes to retail businesses in your area and collect the coins their customers drop in the box.  Those coins help build houses.  
    • Through our recycling program, we create shop rags.  Our Rag Bag program provides clean cotton t-shirts to mechanics, light manufacturers, and businesses.
  • Closer to Home:  Make "Thank You!" calls to folks who've donated goods to either our ReStore or Habitat's Shop On Bent.                                         2.  Recycling Team:  ​
  • Lead the Recycling Team and become the Recycling Committee Chair.  
  • Join the Recycling Team: Volunteer at one of the retail stores (ReStore or Shop On Bent) or work from your home to coordinate with our partners.

3.  Additional Opportunities:  

  • Lend your administrative abilities in Mountain Spirit's office.
  • Serve as a liaison to your community or service group, church or school.

To become a VOLUNTEER and make a difference in our community, please Click the button below to complete our on-line form, specify what area or facility you are interested in supporting in the "Message" section, then click "SUBMIT."  We will get back to you with specific details as soon as possible. Then simply fill it out and turn it into the ReStore at 509 Gateway Drive, Powell 

and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

NOTE:  The ReStore and the Shop On Bent always need Volunteers!  The Restore serves the community through the sale of new and recycled building materials, while the Shop On Bent sells new and used clothing, household items, etc.  Proceeds from both facilities support the construction of additional Habitat homes in Park County.  Volunteers assist customers, pick up donations of the product to sell, run the cash register, and more.  Call the ReStore at (307) 254-7004, or the Shop On Bent at (307) 271-7121 to get started today, or Click Below to complete our on-line contact form.


Join the Bent Nail Club


Sometimes, there are more bent nails on a Habitat house build site than make it into the framing!  This is because volunteers of all skill levels work side-by-side with partner families to construct safe affordable houses.  The framing goes up, the volunteers and families sweat and smile together, and a new community is developed.   Bent nails are a symbol of faith, 

growth, improvement and course correction.

The Concept: Mountain Spirit Habitat's Bent Nail Club builds support for our mission initiatives in Cody.  MSHFH has 6.2 acres under development in Mountain Spirit Addition (New Hope Drive at 29th and Ina Blvd); with lots available to build houses.  MSHFH is also organizing a housing alliance which will allow the affiliate to build special needs/use housing with other community support groups.  The Bent Nail Club is about small groups of friends gathering at someone’s home, eating together, sharing their housing stories and having informed conversation about 

affordable housing issues in Cody, WY.  

How it Works: Hosts will have an informal gathering of 5-10 friends/colleagues/neighbors/acquaintances at their home to share food/drink.  Hosts are given a bent nail pin to wear,  a gift from MSHFH for their support.  MSHFH offers host a turn-key option for their event:   

  • Invitations/follow up to a list of guests
  • Food choices delivered to the host’s home, each has three options  
  • Casual: hors d’oeuvres to accompany specific drinks   
  • Backyard: grill or picnic   
  • Buffet style: salad + entre + side   
  • Dessert buffet: indoors, outdoors, or high tea  
  • Host provides drinks and plating  

Guests are invited for an evening (other day parts could also work) to learn more about affordable housing needs in Cody and what solutions exist.  This is a visit; not a lecture.  Someone from MSHFH, board member or executive director, will attend and lead the discussion.  No donations will be requested at the Bent Nail Club event.  Guests will receive a 

bent nail magnet as a gift.  

At the event’s conclusion, the hosts will thank their guests, share with them that they are MSHFH supporters, and ask if anyone would like to host 

their own Bent Nail Club event.  

Post event, the guests will receive a thank you note from MSHFH for attending.  The mailing will include additional information about MSHFH and invitation to learn more at  

Building Awareness to Build Affordable Homes: If five hosts invite five guests, and those five guests become hosts and invite five guests each, that’s the kind of exponential and personal awareness building 

which leads to passion for affordable housing.  

Think of all those folks wearing bent nail pins and telling others how they joined the Bent Nail Club.